Chrysler resumed production at a plant in Illinois

Chrysler resumed production at a plant in Illinois American automaker Chrysler plant in Illinois has resumed the production of cars, which was suspended on 1 may in connection with the bankruptcy of concern. Reported by the AP, citing the company's workers. The plant going cars Dodge Caliber, Jeep Patriot and Jeep Compass.The company will work until Friday, and then his staff, as well as workers in other industries group, will leave at the scheduled two-week summer vacation. The part of the employees of Chrysler activities will begin on 13 July, and the rest - 20 July. According to the press-Secretary of concern max gates, 27 July, when the plant personnel will return to their seats, the plan is to eliminate one of the two shifts. In this regard, will be dismissed 992 of 2600 employees.To date, among the plants of Chrysler already resumed production in Detroit, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, the canadian province of Ontario and the Mexican city of Toluca.After the bankruptcy and sale of the assets of the group automaker Fiat, 55 percent of the shares of the updated Chrysler-exempt debt, moved to Union UAW and one - fifth of the Fiat group, and the remaining shares divided government in the U.S. and

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