Ford raises the price of Russian Focus

Ford raises the price of Russian Focus Ford has announced a price increase for Ford Focus model, manufactured in Russia at the plant in Vsevolozhsk, 500 US dollars.According to business newspaper "Business" with reference to the press service of the Russian division of Ford, the higher cost is due, on the one hand, the situation on the market, and on the other the fact that the Russian company has to pay duties on imports of components for production cars.The available Ford Focus now will cost 12 USD 220 is a version of the car with a 1.4 - litre engine. But to buy such a machine are not. As we reported earlier, due to a shortage of engines of 1.4 and 1.6 liters edition the most affordable modifications Focus temporarily discontinued. So now the basic version can be considered a 1.8-liter hatchback, which costs 14 570 dollars.According to the Russian dealers of Ford, the official price list with the new prices on Ford Focus they have not yet received, but some of them enter into contracts for the supply of cars at its new value. At the same time, prices for ordered up to this point, the car will most likely remain unchanged.Not to mention the fact that behind Ford Focus may become more expensive and other models of this brand in the Russian representative office of the company this possibility is not excluded.According to analysts, the price increases to $ 500, most likely, will not affect the demand for cars Ford Focus. In their opinion, it is not the amount that can affect a potential buyer or to force him to choose another brand.avtorinok.ru18.07.2006.

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