Replacement Ferrari F430 show in early September

Replacement Ferrari F430 show in early September The Ferrari company has scheduled the official premiere of his new model of the Ferrari F450, which will replace the car F430, on 9 September of the current year. It is reported by British magazine Autocar, citing its own sources in Italy.According to journalists, the new Ferrari will be the most technically perfect collection of Italian supercars. F450 will receive, in particular, a new modular layout with Radiorama installed in the front of the car (the car will remain mid-engined), gearbox with two clutches, the particular configuration of the stabilization system, which will save coupe from understeer, and a new traction control system that was previously tested in the race "Formula 1".In addition, the novelty will be equipped with the new eight-cylinder engine with direct fuel injection and for the first time will be available only in the version with a body "coupe". According to experts, this is done in order to help other Ferrari models - coupe-convertible-California - to gain a foothold in the market. The appearance of the Ferrari F450 without a roof should not be expected before 2011.But this year Ferrari may be present at the motor show in Los Angeles experimental version F450, equipped with a hybrid power plant. In addition it is possible that in the future Italian company adapts the recovery system kinetic energy (KERS) used in Formula 1", for civilian applications.Sale Ferrari F450, expected to commence in the first quarter of

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