Toyota showed the gaming machine on wheels

Toyota showed the gaming machine on wheels The company Scion, owned by Japanese Toyota showed in new York (USA) conceptual Hako coupe, which can evolve into a new generation of youth model xB, reports the Detroit Free Press.Translated from the Japanese language the word "Hako" means "square". The concept was designed by the Studio Tokyo Design Division, and was based on serial Scion xB. The exterior of the new model is distinguished by straight lines, tinted Windows, 18-inch wheels, led headlights and taillights, as well as reduced rear view mirrors in sporty style.The car resembles a slot machine: the shift lever is in the form of a joystick, a steering wheel, equipped with a monitor that simulates the dashboard, and manage on-Board electronics can be using the trackball. Front seats are made from polyurethane, they can be easily cleaned from dust and dirt, driving the area coloured orange, passenger - black.Two separate monitor built-in "torpedo" show pictures from cameras mounted in the front air intakes and air lenses fisheye. "With the help of this camera you can take pictures of the area and then show your friends where you were," said Jack Hollis (Jack Hollis, General Manager for Scion.The Scion brand was created by Toyota in 2003. The main focus of the brand makes to young clients, creating a unique youth

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