Mazda Nagare design fantasy or future serial auto?

Mazda Nagare design fantasy or future serial auto?Mazda used the Los Angeles auto show, which opened in minuvshey Friday to unveil its new concept named - Nagare.The goal that put Mr. Acker (Acker) the head of the Studio Design Division in front of his subordinates was to create a bright prototype, which would have riveted the attention and no one was left indifferent.Mazda Nagare is the first concept which was introduced to the public in the near future we will present several innovations made in the same or similar style with Nagare. It is expected that the following concept Mazda will unveil at the Detroit or Geneva motor show. Despite the appearance that just doesn't fit in with the current roads even the most expensive and cleanest cities in the world, the leadership of the Japanese company said that the series of design concepts including Mazda Nagare Concept created not for pathetic stand at the dealers, but as a future production car. The chief designer of Mazda, Franz von Holzhausen said, we are developing concepts for order to show that we really intend to build and assemble.oneauto02.12.2006.

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