Scientists invented the x-ray for cars

Scientists invented the x-ray for cars Experts at Cambridge University have developed a system that in a few seconds allows you to determine which parts of the car need to be replaced.Inside the engine of the machine are mounted electronic sensors, each of which has its own unique number. Then the machine at very low speed passes over a special area of 1 m length, equipped with microwave receivers and antennas. They transmit the information to a computer which compares it with the existing database. So the mechanic can instantly find out what the item is worn.The authors of the project believe that the development will reduce the maintenance and repair of vehicles. In the future, motorists will be able, stopping in the garage, equipped with this system, to see what parts need to be replaced, and which will serve again.Innovation British engineers were interested in the Research center for Fiat in Turin and, probably, in the near future will appear on production cars, writes

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