Nissan will reduce production

Nissan will reduce productionIn Nissan Motor, which is the third largest Japanese car manufacturer, last week announced plans to reduce output due to low sales on the domestic market.Pauline Ki Pauline Kee), a representative of Nissan, has not announced specific figures on the decline, however, noted that this measure will affect the two companies in the prefectures of Kanagawa (Kanagawa and Tochigi Tochigi).On each of them in the period from April to June of the current year will be stopped by one of the two working Assembly lines. Accordingly, the number of people employed in the production will also be reduced.According to the results of the last month of the profits of Japanese companies has decreased by 22 percent. Reducing production, Nissan are trying to meet market demand and to reduce operating costs. According to today, the capacity of the enterprise in Kanagawa - 334000 car every year, and the plant in Tochigi - 192000, writes

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