Russians love car auctions

Russians love car auctionsIn fact, auctions worldwide are considered to be one of the most profitable businesses and are able to save; in addition, they form the market prices of a number of goods.Auctions are a profitable business on A photo of a car in reality may be dekimashita entrepreneurs finally also saw in this business goldmine, and motorists got out on a huge secondary market. The circle of people who already have experience in buying cars on foreign auctions, expanding. And the fact that, as a rule, buying one car buyer does not stop, suggests that it is quite profitable and not terrible, as many believe. There are, of course, common fears and prejudices, formed from the stories of seasoned speculators, however, in the opinion of all who had to deal with auctions, problems arise from time to time, but the benefit is more than pays for and nerves, and unforeseen difficulties.Among these, for example, the presence of lesions that are not mentioned in the papers. Next, buyers complain of a long process of shipping a car, which sometimes one and a half to two months. In addition, many doubt about the reality of mileage and complain that appreciate cars in the USA by eye, without the proper care that leads to that had been in a serious accident the car will be in the same price category with a barely-damaged car. And, of course, was suspicious and mistrustful Russian people complaining about the nervousness of the whole process, that's probably a matter of habit and experience.Director of `the First Russian auction` Valeri Potapov commented on all the issues that cause doubts among Russian consumers. As for the damage to the car in the shipping process or not reported previously, such cases are, however, extremely rare, and the responsibility of the dealer. `The first Russian auction`, for example, cooperates with only two partners, ensuring reliability and high level of responsibility. Twisting the same mileage categorically excluded and very severely punishable by law up to and including imprisonment for 10 years.The specifics of the auction `information`, for example, that the cars there are insurance companies who are interested in quick sales, car broken, so set them to the minimum starting price. All vehicles registered in the conduct of insurance, have a clear historical past and all the necessary documents simply because before they got in an accident, the company is very closely tracked their fate in their own purposes.Savings on buying a car with regard to customs clearance and delivery can be 25%, according to one buyer from Moscow. Transporting car accidents in Russia, you here to fix, to bring to mind and if it makes economic savvy and connections with service stations profitable to sell on the domestic market. This business, in fact, the majority of buyers, even appearing at auction as individuals, and are going to put on stream. Another experienced entrepreneur Alexander Pirogov had to buy 7 cars at the auction, said that all the problems again can be avoided by choosing a good dealer with experience in auctions. Incidentally, a partner's Commission, which selects the right car and victorious ordered by the customer rate is around 800-900.E.The undeniable advantage of this type of vehicle purchase is a wide choice of cars in a variety of configurations from 128 auction sites in the United States and Canada. Therefore, find a car is not difficult. Interestingly, the overseas neighbors preferences are very different from car biases domestic car owners. Unlike our latitudes, in the United States prefer to hire white, and black to sell to local buyer at the same time difficult and unprofitable. Washed to Shine cars are gaining in value, while their grimy twins are less valued. Thus, learning the specifics of the auction, you can find quite profitable for Russia's proposals that there will be much more expensive than in the US.I hope that this business will become more transparent for most motorists, but at the same time and does not escalate domestic aftermarket auto.www.autonews.ru12.08.2006.

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