Toyota Prius - the most environmentally friendly car Germany Rental service

Toyota Prius - the most environmentally friendly car Germany Rental serviceGerman transport club VCD this week was another ranking of the most environmentally friendly cars sold on the German market. The leader of this ranking was Japanese hybrid Toyota Prius, scored 8.3 points out of 10 possible. This publication reports "Behind the Wheel".The rating is made by a special technique by assigning points in several categories. The main criterion was that the CO content in the exhaust. At this rate accounts for 40 percent of the total points. Next is the rate of emission of carcinogens and soot from diesel engines (35 percent of the final grade). Another 20 percent of the total amount of points is the noise of the engine, and the remaining five percent is direct damage to the natural environment, which may cause one or the other car due to its structural features.The second, third and fourth places went to three new subcompact Citroen C1, Peugeot 107 and Toyota Aygo (7,94 points). All these vehicles are equipped liter petrol engines. In fifth place - the Japanese Daihatsu Cuore, also with an engine capacity of 1.0 liter (7,79 points).The second five leaders headed by the only German car - Opel Corsa Eco-liter engine. Seventh and eighth place Daihatsu Sirion and Renault Twingo ECO 1,2 with the result to 7.67 and 7.6. Completing the list of the ten most environmentally friendly cars Toyota Yaris 1,0 Eco3 (7,54 points) and Suzuki Alto (7,43 points).Chapter VCD Herman-Josef Vogt commented on the results of the last competition: "This is the worst result for the German automotive industry since the beginning of the compilation of the environmental ratings of transportation in 1989". According to him, among DM only Mercedes-Benz shows a clear desire to make their cars clean, while the rest of the company, according to analysts transport club VCD, give the matter too little attention.lenta.ru22.08.2005.

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