Porsche will not absorb VW

Porsche will not absorb VWThe financial crisis negates the results of almost all automotive companies. In order not to fail and to remain on the market, many are beginning to reduce costs. Porsche expects their income over the past four months during November will fall by 15% compared to last year's figures. All this leads them to overestimate the current strategy. The company calculates this will lead to the quarterly decline in earnings before &300 million, which has been a sharp decline in sales that has spread to the largest market for Porsche - United States. To somehow avoid falling demand, Porsche will cut production until the end of January. Most likely, the planned takeover of Porsche Volkswagen'and will be delayed. The President of the company Wendelin Wiedeking said regarding absorption following:"Due to the current economic situation, more and more unlikely that we will reach this goal this year.auto.utro.ru27.11.2008.

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