BMW is preparing hybrid "seven" - the

BMW is preparing hybrid On the streets of European cities will soon become quite crowded with models with hybrid powertrains. So BMW has announced that it is ready to present its first hydrogen car BMW Hydrogen 7-Series sedan.Unlike cars with engines with fuel cells, sedans BMW 7-series, equipped with hydrogen engines, ordinary motorists will not be available.Once the company finishes testing, limited edition, consisting at best of the hundreds of such machines will be made available to rich people and government agencies. Basically they will remain in Europe, however, 25 pieces intended for the USA.New quadruple BMW Hydrogen 7 will receive a 260-horsepower 12-cylinder hybrid engine that runs on regular gasoline and hydrogen fuel.According to the manufacturer, this model is able to drive about 200 km without refueling hydrogen, and at least 480 km on a more normal diet.The ability to use alternative forms of energy could not affect power indicators. If the engine of BMW 760i was able to give 438 HP, the engine of the new BMW Hydrogen 7 is only 260 HPWith this potential the car accelerates to the first hundred of not less than 9.5 seconds, against the previous five and a half, maximum speed is also decreased from 250 km/h 230 km/H.But, in terms of safety and comfort, the BMW Hydrogen 7 should not concede to his predecessors: already in the database and includes anti-lock brakes, automatic climate control, heating of seats, Parking sensors, night vision systems, and adaptive headlights.About 24 liters per 100 km in city mode and not less than 35 for the city. Too much, of course, this quite a bit, but instead of toxic air emissions such machine in operation on hydrogen produces almost nothing but steam.Production of the BMW Hydrogen 7 can begin in April 2007, the value of the car have not been announced yet.Recall that the last time such European companies as Volkswagen, PSA Peugeot-Citroen, Audi and Porsche, have repeatedly stated that they are ready to develop new hydrogen engines and technology.In this case, the French would not mind, to unite their efforts with someone else, and the Germans rely on their own experts.korrespondent.net19.09.2006.

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