KTM made the road for bikers

KTM made the road for bikers The company KTM, known throughout the world as a manufacturer of motorcycles, presented a draft of its first car X-Bow at the Geneva motor show in February 2007. And now lightweight sportscar undergoing road tests at the Nurburgring.It is known that the X-Bow will establish a two-liter Audi engine with a capacity of 240 horsepower. The car weighs only 721 kg and can accelerate to hundreds of 3.9 seconds.By car you can drive on the roads of Finland, Austria, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland. But on the U.S. market, the car will not arrive.The first 100 copies of the machine will be numbered. It is noteworthy that all of them are already booked by motorists. The rest of the fans speed will be able to purchase a KTM X-Bow $65 thousand not until spring 2008, writes World Car Fans.auto.utro.ru17.10.2007.

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