JV "GM-AVTOVAZ" can expand the production of Lada

JV The management of the Volga automobile plant currently exploring the possibility of organizing production on idle capacities JV "GM-AVTOVAZ" their own cars. According to the newspaper Vedomosti, the proposal was received from representatives of the joint venture and the parties are now considering a number of options for possible cooperation.It may be recalled that the design capacity of the joint venture "GM-AVTOVAZ" is 100 thousand cars per year. However, in 2006 the company will be collected only 45-46 thousands of machines. Such low production volumes attributable to lower demand for the Chevrolet Viva and declining sales off-roader.At the same time, the pipeline JV suitable for production of any model of AVTOVAZ. However, dealers automobile currently feel the shortage of cars "Samara-2" Lada 2114 and 2115. According to marketing Director of the St. Petersburg branch of the company "Autoworld" Vitaly Novikov, in St. Petersburg, you can sell 10 thousand fourteenth and fifteenth" anymore.According to analysts, the placement of orders AVTOVAZ JV will suit both sides - the plant will be able to compensate for the lack of production capacity, and "GM-AVTOVAZ" will reduce losses from idle pipeline. The only problem, according to them, may occur when trying to negotiate compensation. "Each of them will feel that he loses more and less gains on this cooperation," said an analyst with Aton Tatiana Kapustina.The ribbon.ru11.08.2006.

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