A new word in the language Nagare - Mazda Hakaze

A new word in the language Nagare - Mazda Hakaze At the 77th Geneva motor show the Japanese company Mazda Motor will introduce a new design concept Hakaze.Mazda Hakaze concept is a four - seater compact crossover styled coupe. The car was designed in the European design centre Mazda-oriented people 30-40 years, leading an active lifestyle.Hakaze is the third concept in the line models, the following design language Nagare, complementing the Mazda Nagare and the Mazda Ryuga which were presented earlier. The name of the concept is derived from the meanings of the characters of which it consists: ha - sheet and kaze - wind.The impression that the car just cut out of thin air. The side panels look like sand dunes created by wind, the rear part of the roof resembles the form of the body of the Roadster, and the doors devoid of handles and side mirrors instead of the camera.Car seat is unique, and the rear seats can slide forward, drawing closer to the front, if you want to make space for Luggage. Design Board devices with orange scales asymmetrical, and the main attention is focused on the driver. The rear view camera transmits the image on the LCD monitor that also displays the information of the navigation system.For all-wheel drive concept was selected 2.3-liter turbocharged gasoline engine MZR DISI direct injection and six-speed sports automatic transmission.CarClub.ru05.02.2007.

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