Since the beginning of the year foreign cars rose by 20 percent

Since the beginning of the year foreign cars rose by 20 percent Since the beginning of 2009 ruble prices on new cars has grown, on average, 19.3 percent. Minimum rates increased by 17.2% and a maximum of 22.7 percent. These figures were obtained by the analytical Agency "AUTOSTAT" after analysis of the dynamics of change in the prices of 55 popular models of foreign brands.As a starting value used price lists summer of 2008, which were compared with prices in the second half of February of the current year. Discounts on cars 2008 in this study were not taken into account.The variance in the growth of prices for different models, according to analysts of the Agency, is quite large - from two to 50 percent. According to them, the increase in the cost of hire is caused by the growth of the world's currencies against the ruble, as well as increasing customs duties on the import of new cars, which occurred in early January 2009. However, some manufacturers modify the prices of their cars every day, depending on the current exchange rate of the dollar or the Euro, while others are reconsidering the value of their product 1-2 times per month.Recall also that in January 2009 the demand for new cars in Russia fell by 33 percent compared with the same month last year, and almost twice when compared with December. The best selling brands of steel Chevrolet, Ford and

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