GAS-2332 called the best commercial vehicles

GAS-2332 called the best commercial vehicles Latest GAZ-2332, shown for the first time at the Moscow motor show last year, won the main prize at the annual competition "Best commercial vehicle of the year in Russia" held in the framework of the International specialized exhibition for Commercial vehicles 2007".The machine is a double car full weight to 2.3 so the base of the novelty are the parts used on production cars "GAS", so the cost has been kept to a minimum. As the engine you want to use the motors Chrysler 2.4 L DOCH, ZMZ-4062/4052 or diesel engines company "Steyr".On the basis of GAZ-2332 you can build a 7 seater 5-door minivan, minibus, or various specialized carsautonet.ru29.04.2007.

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