In 2007 Lada 112 Coupe will be more

In 2007 Lada 112 Coupe will be moreExperimental-industrial production (OPP) JSC AVTOVAZ plans in 2007 to produce 8 000 cars Lada 112 Coupe.Commercial production of a new small-scale model 112 was launched in August 2006. Last year was 541 Lada 112 Coupe. Standard coupe equipped with the 1.6-liter engine and power steering.In addition to this model in 2007 OPP scheduled to release 5 000 five-door SUV Lada 4x4.Production continued efforts to reduce the cost of production, was introduced about 70 activities to reduce costs. The annual economic effect amounted to nearly 51 million.carclub.ru24.01.2007.

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