Unique MINI Life Ball will play the lottery

Unique MINI Life Ball will play the lottery may 16, 2009 will be held in Vienna 71 charity ball Life Ball is the largest event in Europe dedicated to the fight against AIDS. This year for the ninth time in a row he will be supported by the company's MINI. Life Ball 2009 - this is a fascinating connection of fashion and music in the style of Katy Perry decorated the Duo The Blonds. This ball will be the beginning of a four-year cycle, in which the four elements: water, fire, air and earth will be realized in artistic form, as the main characters life.The main event charity ball will be a raffle which will be drawn vehicle MINI Life Ball. Every year the world's best designers create special MINI Life Ball, decorated in different styles: the Finished car is sold at auction, and the profit goes to charity - help AIDS patients. This year MINI Life Ball performed by the Duo of designers the Blonds for Katy Perry. Designers have created their own version of the newest member of the family of MINI - new MINI convertible.carpark.ru08.05.2009.

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