Volkswagen has created a bio-concept

Volkswagen has created a bio-conceptA group of three young designers Volkswagen California Studio company demonstrated its vision of the future cars. The results of their efforts was the concept Nanospyder moving on hydrogen fuel and electric motors.Patrick Faulwetter, Daniel Simon and Ian Hilton created Nanospyder for special designers ' competition `Design Los Angeles`, which will be held at the motor show in this American city in November. The task of this competition is to create an environmentally friendly vehicle of the future. This competition is held in California is not accidental, because in this state are the most stringent limits on emissions into the atmosphere.Nanospyder you can assemble and disassemble at the microscopic level, it is composed of billions of tiny programmable nanoparticles not exceeding half of a millimeter in diameter`, according to developers. Each such particle can be programmed so that it was hard or soft, depending on the needs, despite the fact that the frame of the car is always hard. The inner panel of the vehicle, if they can so be called, created from organic particles, which in the case of stroke may increase its volume or simply to swell, forming, thus, a sort of airbags.The results of the competition, where in addition to Volkswagen Nanospyder presents several conceptual hire will be announced on 30 November 2006 at the auto show in Los Angeles.Last competition of designers from VW won, receiving the award for his concept of the Mobile Lounge.avto.ru02.11.2006.

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