Touareg will be a hybrid

Touareg will be a hybrid Volkswagen has published information about a hybrid version of the Touareg, which will go into series production in 2010.Unlike hybrid Porsche Cayenne with a 3.6-liter atmosferica V6 FSI, Touareg hybrid will get a turbocharged V6 engine TSI volume of 3 liters and capacity of 333 horsepower. Petrol unit is accompanied by an electric motor, which is installed between the V6 TSI and the new eight-speed automatic transmission.The motor runs on Nickel batteries located under the Luggage compartment. Charged battery from regenerative braking.On one motor Touareg can move at the speed of 50 km/h. While the petrol engine is switched off and disconnected from the transmission by a sliding clutch, the emissions are zero.If you want to squeeze out of the crossover, the maximum, the engines begin to work together. In combination they give 374 HP and dispersed Touareg up to hundreds for 6.8 seconds. Pull hybrid is 3.5 tons.The Germans say that the Touareg hybrid system was not developed for the production of powerful sports cars, and to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy. According to VW, Touareg Hybrid consumes less than 9 liters per 100 km with emissions of less than 210 grams of CO2 per kilometer.The German automaker says that while maintaining the same size as that of the regular Touareg hybrid saves 25% of fuel consumption in the urban cycle and 17% in

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