Small-scale plans of AVTOVAZ

Small-scale plans of AVTOVAZIn 2007, AVTOVAZ and its partners plan to produce more than 6,000 small-scale Lada 4x4.The most popular small-scale model of Lada 4x4 - five-door, and released it experimental-industrial production of AVTOVAZ. The machine appeared on the market in 1994. In 2007 will be made 5 000 five-door SUV.Another common modification Lada 4x4 pickup. Today the pickups Lada produce two Togliatti company Vazinterservis and Motor skills. In the model range of Vazinterservise presents triple and double pickups on the basis of Lada 4x4. For pickups, which produces Motility, characterized by long base and increased rear overhang. Also, this company specializes in the manufacture of a police and medical versions of Lada 4x4. This year will be released 300 pickups on the basis of AVTOVAZ SUV, and special-purpose vehicles, including for the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, is not less than 700 pieces.Togliatti company BRONTO for 2007 planned production of more than 200 small-scale off-road vehicles, including 25 five-door and three-door vehicles with enhanced safety and 15 armored special vehicles for servicing ATMs.The basis of the same model range BRONTO in 2007 will be floating swamp buggies `Marsh`. They are expected to produce approximately 200 copies. Today this family - 6 modifications, including the five-door version of the van and pickup.CarClub.ru05.04.2007.

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