Female police platoon will improve the demographic situation - the

Female police platoon will improve the demographic situation - theSoon on the roads in Volgograd can receive the women inspectors. According to "Izvestia", the local authorities together with the leadership of the regional traffic police have decided to conduct an experiment on the fight against corruption and proceeded to create a special women's police platoon. As they say members of the regional police Department, the study showed that women are less prone to bribery.It is planned that this squad will consist of 26 women inspectors, who have to serve in the centre of Volgograd. The chief of police of the region Mikhail Tsukruk decided personally involved in the selection of candidates. In his words, "the candidates for the position of inspector leggy blondes to be not necessary, but nice - desirable".Volgograd drivers with interest took the initiative of local authorities. According to some of them, women inspectors will not engage in extortion of money for imaginary violations. Others believe that for minor violations of the girls you will be able to give chocolates, because "money is awkward to give.".

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