A tenfold increase of the fine for unreadable rooms gave way to

A tenfold increase of the fine for unreadable rooms gave way toAs told to "Interfax" the head of the regional STSI Sergey Sergeev, representatives of Dodd will be promoted through the mosobldumoy initiative to increase the penalty for dirty registration marks from 100 to 1000 . The relevant bill has already been introduced, and suburban legislators will vote on it at a future meeting. If the document is approved, it will be submitted to the state Duma.As explained Sergeev, the proposal of Dodd directed against unscrupulous motorists, for whom unreadable rooms are protection systems video recording. "Now many drivers have resorted to various tricks to hide the license plate of the car from photo and video cameras, for example, cover them with dirt," he said to Interfax.The interior Ministry has suggested that Russian drivers will take responsibility for the violations recorded video and still cameras, covering the license plate, and began to prepare increase the penalty amendments to the administrative code prior to the introduction of DVRs. About this Tape.Ru" said Deputy head of Dodd Vladimir Kuzin.It should be noted that according to GOST registration mark is unreadable, if from a distance of at least 20 meters cannot be considered at least one digit or letter. No instruments to take readings without having the traffic police inspector evaluates the readability of numbers "by eye".auto.lenta.ru24.10.2008.

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