Toyota is preparing a response Renault Logan

Toyota is preparing a response Renault LoganThe world's second largest automaker Toyota intends to bring to market a cheap model cars, said Tuesday at the auto show in Geneva, the President of the company Katsuaki Watanabe. `Studying the situation on the world market, I came to the conclusion about the necessity to produce affordable cars,` he said.According to, the President of Toyota was asked about the success of the project Logan French automaker Renault. Budget car Renault Logan, also produced under the brand Dacia, has opened a new market segment, which previously occupied the only supported cars.`We have no specific plans, which I could share with you right now, but I have already ordered to begin technology development budget machines` said Katsuaki Watanabe (Katsuaki Watanabe). According to him, it is too early to say what the brand will do machine with reasonable price.Watanabe (Katsuaki Watanabe) did not name any specific timing of the project. However, he said such machines are particularly needed in developing countries such as India, Brazil and China.Lenta.ru01.03.2006.

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