BLS Wagon is the first in the family station wagon Cadillac

BLS Wagon is the first in the family station wagon Cadillac Yes, it is already planted in Europe the landing of Cadillac BLS adds a special unit, capable of carrying much more equipment due to the new body type. In fact, from the front to distinguish between these two warriors is almost impossible, except that the roof rails treacherously give special purpose soldier car army Cadillac. But behind the vehicle is part of the charm was lost. Thus, vertical lights, which attracted attention in the model sedan, it became easier, and the third brake light moved to the spoiler, adjacent to the end of the roof.Despite the fact that the former heaven descended in the nation, finding a station wagon, the creators decided that beauty must match the brand image and to be great. In the Central panel, in the best traditions of the most luxurious auto, built-in analog clock. The dashboard will delight sports color: white numbers and red arrows. According to manufacturers, a large number of Luggage space provides a huge space for imagination, the volume can be used not only for household needs. Well, there is no escape from the luxury equipment: here is the audio system, premium Bose sound, and DVD player. In addition, possible, navigation system with touch-screen, of course, Bluetooth and management systems on the steering wheel.As Cadillac BLS sedan, its larger cousin also equipped with drive to the front wheels. As for engines, the choice is not particularly wide. It all starts with the turbodiesel displacement 1.9 litre, 150 HP, but the current sad tradition of such a motor to Russian buyers to wait about the same as snow in summer. And among the petrol engines, the choice is wider: the buyer offers three turbocharged engine - 2.0 l (175 HP), 2.0 a (210) and for fans of the most active drive engine 2.8 l (255 HP). I must say, good quality sports car with any of these three motors supported by the suspension MacPherson. Manufacturers say that when tuning it was found the ideal compromise between comfort and sporty performance.Gearbox all too well: you can choose either a six-speed mechanics, or five - or six-speed automatic.Cadillac BLS Wagon will appear in Europe in the last quarter of 2007. The Russians will most likely have to wait a little longer. But to ride a Cadillac station wagon - a little exotic. So surely there will be willing to buy such a car. On this same hope and Cadillac: they think that the new sedan will open new horizons sales and attract new customers.Рђutonews22.03.2007.

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