Named the ten best used cars American

Named the ten best used cars AmericanSpecialists of the American edition Edmunds chose the ten best used cars in age from two to seven years, are available on the U.S. market. This rating was made on the basis of statistical data about the reliability of different models, their safety and practicality. American researchers identified ten classes of cars.In the segment of cheap machines first place went to the Honda Civic. Japanese car managed to beat their competitors at the expense of best-in-class manageability, reliability and stylish design. In addition, the Civic was equipped with still and colors are pretty good motors.In the mid-size sedans, the winner was the Toyota Camry - which has become almost legendary car, which is very popular for its size, high level of comfort, reliability and build quality.Among full-size sedans first place went to the Ford Crown Victoria. This model is equipped with a V8 engine, has great size and is the epitome of the views of Americans about the "real car".In the segment of premium cars won Infiniti GS35. Competing against the Deutschmark "Japanese", according to the compilers of the rating, more affordable, has low maintenance costs, but it has a powerful V6 engine, and has an excellent chassis.Best used sports car was a Roadster Mazda Miata, which has long captured the hearts of customers for its handling, practicality and nice design of the body.In the segment of compact SUVs, the winner was the Honda CR-V. According to experts, this car is a good alternative to full-sized "jeeps", having quite roomy interior, good four-wheel drive transmission, and should please their owners low fuel consumption.If buyer's size still is, used SUVs it is better to choose a Ford Explorer is a true "classic" of the American market. This model just love for her brutal design, roomy interior, comfortable suspension and powerful engines.Among minivans, the winner was again the Japanese car - Honda Odyssey. He has all the qualities, much needed family car - comfortable interior, decent level of security, high build quality and comes with cheap motors.Finally, traditional American pickups. In the small class, according to the compilers of the rating of the cars in this segment won the Toyota Tacoma, which offers its owners an excellent four-wheel drive transmission and a fairly modern body design.Among full-size pickups won the best selling car of America - Ford F-150. This machine is the undisputed leader of the class, has a whole range of engines, different types of body and a lot of variants.lenta.ru07.06.2006.

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