Volvo can minimize the release of S60

Volvo can minimize the release of S60Volvo may eventually abandon further development of the model Volvo S60 and then to scale back its production.This ability, according to the publication AutoWeek, do not exclude the Board of Ford, which owns the Swedish brand. Finally, this perspective is consistent with the recent statement of the head of the planning Department, Volvo Lex Kerssemakers (Lex Kerssemakers), which stated the need to actively implemented in for the brand new Volvo market segments.In case of refusal from further release of model Volvo S60 traditional buyers of this model will be shared among the new sedan Volvo S80, which premiered in the beginning of the year, as well as the future generation of the Volvo S40, which is scheduled for 2009-2010. The latter is expected to be considerably larger now produced car and its size is almost equal to the Volvo S60. Moving S40 in a higher segment of the market will also simplify the situation with the promotion of the new hatchback Golf-class Volvo C30, which is currently preparing to enter the market.Finally for those owners S60, who can't take any new S80 or the future generation S40, Volvo will offer a compact crossover Volvo XC50, whose appearance is scheduled for 2006. Moreover, the cars in this class are in America, which for Volvo key market, the increased demand.In any case, the final decision will be taken by the leadership of Ford and its subsidiary Premier Automotive Group. According to Kerssemakers, while the Volvo S60 is in steady demand in the United States to abandon the development of this model is not worth it.The ribbon.ru17.03.2006.

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