Audi is the winner of the prestigious contest `Auto Trophy`

Audi is the winner of the prestigious contest `Auto Trophy` Three models of Audi took first place in their classes in the contest `Auto Trophy 2008` (Autotrophy-2008) in the opinion of the readers of the magazine `Auto Zeitung`, one of the most popular automobile magazines in Germany. Honorary awards were given to Audi A4, A6 and R8. In addition, the Audi brand for the fifth time in a row was the winner in the category `brand Image`.When selecting the winner in the middle class 29,7 % of readers voted in favor of the Audi A4. This model is much ahead of its direct competitors in the premium segment, located on the second and third places, with a margin of 10 percent and 13 percent, respectively.An even greater number of votes 30.9 percent went to the Audi A6, which is the fifth time in a row has become a leader in business class, and the `silver medal` behind the winner by as much as 13%.For a supercar Audi R8, the dominant class sports cars, is the third victory in a row. Voted for 27.4 per cent of readers, and clear of the nearest rival was 10%.carpark.ru06.12.2008.

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