BMW is preparing hybrid "seven" - the

BMW is preparing hybrid On the streets of European cities will soon become quite crowded with models with hybrid powertrains. So BMW has announced that it is ready to present its first hydrogen car BMW Hydrogen 7-Series sedan.Unlike cars with engines with fuel cells, sedans BMW 7-series, equipped with hydrogen engines, ordinary motorists will not be available.Once the company finishes testing, limited edition, consisting at best of the hundreds of such machines will be made available to rich people and government agencies. Basically they will remain in Europe, however, 25 pieces intended for the USA.New quadruple BMW Hydrogen 7 will receive a 260-horsepower 12-cylinder hybrid engine that runs on regular gasoline and hydrogen fuel.According to the manufacturer, this model is able to drive about 200 km without refueling hydrogen, and at least 480 km on a more normal diet.The ability to use alternative forms of energy could not affect power indicators. If the engine of BMW 760i was able to give 438 HP, the engine of the new BMW Hydrogen 7 is only 260 HPWith this potential the car accelerates to the first hundred of not less than 9.5 seconds, against the previous five and a half, maximum speed is also decreased from 250 km/h 230 km/H.But, in terms of safety and comfort, the BMW Hydrogen 7 should not concede to his predecessors: already in the database and includes anti-lock brakes, automatic climate control, heating of seats, Parking sensors, night vision systems, and adaptive headlights.About 24 liters per 100 km in city mode and not less than 35 for the city. Too much, of course, this quite a bit, but instead of toxic air emissions such machine in operation on hydrogen produces almost nothing but steam.Production of the BMW Hydrogen 7 can begin in April 2007, the value of the car have not been announced yet.Recall that the last time such European companies as Volkswagen, PSA Peugeot-Citroen, Audi and Porsche, have repeatedly stated that they are ready to develop new hydrogen engines and technology.In this case, the French would not mind, to unite their efforts with someone else, and the Germans rely on their own experts.korrespondent.net19.09.2006. . Читать полностью -->

Hyundai Getz updated the nearest autumn

Hyundai Getz updated the nearest autumn The South Korean company Hyundai has announced an updated generation model Hyundai Click. Under this name in Korea sold the car, which is a complete analogue to the Hyundai Getz. As expected, the updated version of the European model Hyundai will show in the autumn of this year in the framework of the automobile exhibition in Frankfurt.According to the preliminary photos of the Korean model, the novelty has gotten a bit modernized design the front of the body: here came the hood of a slightly modified form, a new grille, new headlights and a different front bumper. Behind the new product can be distinguished by the upgraded tail lights. Small changes will occur in the interior will change slightly the front panel, there will be new materials trim and upholstery.Will there be any changes in hardware Hyundai Getz is not yet known. We only know that Hyundai has already started to develop a completely new generation model Getz, but its appearance on the market will take place not earlier than in 2007-2008.19.07.2005. Читать полностью -->

Changes in `Rolf` - for the better?

Changes in `Rolf` - for the better?Group of companies "Rolf", the largest in the Russian market importer and seller of new cars of foreign brands, announces the appointment of nick Hawkins for the post of senior managing Director. Mr. Hawkins will be responsible for the development of the group companies and, in particular, for the launch and development of new business areas `Rolf`. The appointment of Mr. Hawkins, followed by the appointment of Nicholas Colson (Nicholas Coulson) for the post of Chairman of the Board `Rolf` in September 2006, is part of the strategy of the group, aimed at further expansion and growth `Rolf`. Nick Hawkins, 39, he was previously a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Moscow and was responsible for the consulting business in Central and Eastern Europe. Читать полностью -->

Ford will present at the exhibition in Birmingham Fiesta SportVan

Ford will present at the exhibition in Birmingham Fiesta SportVan Premiere Fiesta SportVan will be held at the commercial vehicle show in Birmingham. It will be presented in two versions - passenger (with Windows) and cargo (without Windows), the presence of which will depend on the individual markets. Body Fiesta SportVan available in four colors - Colorado Red, Panther Black, Moondust Silver and Diamond White, and for an interior - dark Pewter and black Gun Metal.Fiesta SportVan is equipped with a Ford 1.6-liter 90-strong Duratorq TDCi diesel that generates torque of 204 Nm, and acclaimed five-speed manual transmission Durashift, steering steering and antilock . . . Читать полностью -->

The next generation Toyota Land Cruiser

The next generation Toyota Land CruiserTraditional full-fledged SUV's now not in such high esteem, as before, as in favor of the buyers more compact crossovers. Toyota, which produces one of the most popular SUVs in the world, will take into account the trend in the development of the next generation of Land Cruiser.The new model will most likely get a smooth shape, but at the same time, will grow in size. There is information that SUV are developing a new suspension, which will automatically change the ride height depending on speed and coverage.The car will be supplied with a new 5.7-liter V8 engine with 350 HP, the same motor will get and the upcoming Lexus LX 570, which will be presented at the auto show in new York. In addition, will be available 8-cylinder, 4.5-liter turbodiesel engine power: 200 HPPremier Toyota Land Cruiser will be held at the auto show in Tokyo at the end of the current year. While sales of the new SUV will begin in mid-2008.CarClub.ru28.03.2007. . Читать полностью -->

Porsche will not absorb VW

Porsche will not absorb VWThe financial crisis negates the results of almost all automotive companies. In order not to fail and to remain on the market, many are beginning to reduce costs. Porsche expects their income over the past four months during November will fall by 15% compared to last year's figures. All this leads them to overestimate the current strategy. The company calculates this will lead to the quarterly decline in earnings before &300 million, which has been a sharp decline in sales that has spread to the largest market for Porsche - United States. To somehow avoid falling demand, Porsche will cut production until the end of January. Читать полностью -->

Sales of Fiat cars in Russia will start in September

Sales of Fiat cars in Russia will start in September Group Severstal-Auto" has officially announced that sales of Fiat-branded cars in the Russian market will begin in September this year. According to the publication "Business", the local distributor Fiat chose and the first five dealers Fiat - this will be the company "Autoworld ", "Block motors", "KM/H", "Klaus" and "Lada-favorite". In Severstal-Auto" this information refused to comment, saying only that now the Protocol of intent signed with 20 dealer companies, including five Moscow.According to experts, the data selection dealerships due to several reasons. First, these companies are well able to sell cars in the price range of up to 20 thousand dollars, and secondly, they are ready to open new stores scheduled to distributor deadline. In addition, Severstal-Auto" does not require its dealers monobrendovoy center, allowing you to sell Fiat cars next to other machines. In the "Block", for example, noted that will set a new mark in the same area with SsangYong, which in Russia is "Severstal-Auto". Читать полностью -->

Porsche 911 updates model

Porsche 911 updates modelSuper sport Porsche 911 will get a small update. The current version of the car is on the market for 4 years and has gained immense popularity, so revolutionary changes are not expected.Most likely, only big fans of the brand Porsche will be able to find the differences from the previous version. It is known that in the new Porsche 911 will increase slightly front air intake, rear will be new lights. Under the hood will install the upgraded engine is more powerful than the previous 5-25 HP, and cheaper by 10-15 percent. The transmission will be replaced with more modern, developed by the Volkswagen Group.CarPark26.12.2006. . Читать полностью -->

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