Toyota Prius - the most environmentally friendly car Germany Rental service

Toyota Prius - the most environmentally friendly car Germany Rental serviceGerman transport club VCD this week was another ranking of the most environmentally friendly cars sold on the German market. The leader of this ranking was Japanese hybrid Toyota Prius, scored 8.3 points out of 10 possible. This publication reports "Behind the Wheel".The rating is made by a special technique by assigning points in several categories. The main criterion was that the CO content in the exhaust. At this rate accounts for 40 percent of the total points. Next is the rate of emission of carcinogens and soot from diesel engines (35 percent of the final grade). Читать полностью -->

New Microlitre Chevrolet Beat will appear in the 2010

New Microlitre Chevrolet Beat will appear in the 2010On Wednesday the company Chevrolet has announced his intention to run in 2010 in the serial production of a new front-wheel drive microlitres Beat, conceptual version of which was first presented at the motor show in new York in April of the current year. It is reported by the British newspaper Car.The concept car Beat developed by South Korean Studio General Motors and is designed primarily to attract attention to the brand younger buyers. Conceptual Chevrolet Beat petrol 1.2-litre turbocharged engine, which is paired with an automatic transmission. What motors will be equipped with a production version of this car have not yet been reported.To the novelty will be sold in the United States and in the European market.Recall that in addition to Beat at the motor show in new York was shown two prototype new compact city cars. Visitors were asked to choose the most favorite car and on special stands or the website to vote for them, and the concept with the highest number of votes, and will be launched in the series. In the end, the winner was just Читать полностью -->

The British built the most powerful version of the car Ariel Atom

The British built the most powerful version of the car Ariel AtomBritish Ariel Motor announced the release of the most powerful version of its Atom sports car, dubbed the "500". This publication reports 4car.A new modification of the Ariel Atom will be equipped with 2.5-liter eight-cylinder petrol engine producing 500 horsepower at 10 thousand revolutions per minute. The motor car will be able to work in tandem with a six-speed sequential transmission with gearshift paddle petals. The weight of the car is only 500 pounds, and the ratio of power to mass - thousand horsepower per tonne, which is approximately two times greater than, for example, the Bugatti Veyron.The dynamic characteristics of the fast Atom are not reported, however it can be noted that the 300-strong version of this sports car can accelerate to 96 km / h in just three seconds, and up to 160 kilometers per hour in seven seconds.Ariel Atom 500 will also receive a large rear spoiler, carbon fiber body panels, suspension arms, made of chrome-molybdenum steel, chetyrehporshnevye brakes Alcon, as well as wheels Dymag magnesium alloy.The novelty is released in a limited edition, and its sales in the UK will begin in the spring of the current year. The cost Atom 500 has not been . Читать полностью -->

Singer Shakira has helped create Seat Leon Cupra Descalzos

Singer Shakira has helped create Seat Leon Cupra Descalzos The company Seat and singer Shakira jointly developed the car `Leon Pies Descalzos`. He will be the main prize for participating in the fundraising for the charity event organized by the singer.Money from the campaign will be sent to the children of Colombia, to their historical homeland Shakira.Its role in creating the car was to choose a pink-purple color. He on the body and on the number of parts of parts of its interior.Technically `Leon Pies Descalzos` is no different from the production model.This car at the end of may will find its owner. Barcelona will host the final stage of fundraising for children. The one who donates the largest amount, and will receive a joint piece Seat and Shakira.Autocentre03.02.2007. . Читать полностью -->

Workers Hyundai and Kia are planning a strike

Workers Hyundai and Kia are planning a strike Working South Korean automakers Hyundai Motor Co. and Kia Motors Corp. plan a week-long strike in protest against the free trade agreement between the United States and South Korea. In the period from 25 to 29 June 2007, the staff intend to abandon work for 2-6 hours. The workers believe that because both automakers many plants outside South Korea free trade agreement is not advantageous to the company transmits (C) Associated Press.Recall that the U.S. and South Korea plan to sign a free trade agreement June 30, 2007, This agreement will be the most significant for the United States after signing in December 1992, the North American free trade agreement. Читать полностью -->

BMW refuses V10

BMW refuses V10 BMW has started testing the new 5-series, which will be presented, probably next year. Interestingly, the Bavarian company was already experiencing not only the standard `five`, but the version of the M5 next generation.According to preliminary data, in the Bavarian company decided to abandon the use of the 10-cylinder engine with a displacement of 5.0 liters Instead appears V8 4.4 l with double turbonadudvom. This engine already put on a big BMW, however, at the moment he gives `only` 407 HP For the BMW M5 is not enough (the current M5 with a 5.0-liter V10 has 507 HP). Therefore, the 4.4-liter engine will be seriously redesigned and equipped with new turbines. As a result, the capacity of the power unit will be more than 580 HP Why more 580 HP? It's very simple - it is 580 HP produces shows in September last year, the Audi RS6.There is another very interesting information about BMW M5 new generation. The Bavarian engineers want to equip this model system called Energy Storage System, which thanks to a special batteries will save and store energy generated during braking. Читать полностью -->

AvtoVAZ will make another new "Niva"

AvtoVAZ will make another new The management of the Volga automobile plant intends to keep in the production program of the enterprise SUV "Niva". According to the Vice-President for technical development of JSC "AVTOVAZ" Maxim Nagaytsev, classic "Niva" is to plant high-value car, so it is possible that over time the Vase is done its a "remake".Nagaytsev also stressed that to talk about the details of this project too early. The first step towards its implementation will be done soon: in honor of the 40th anniversary of plant competition design work, which will be offered various options for new models of AVTOVAZ, including potential replacement car "Niva".However, in the process of revival of the "old Fields" Volzhsky automobile plant may run into one, but quite a serious problem. In fact, since the beginning of 2006 the right to use the name Niva went to the JV "GM-AVTOVAZ". That is why AVTOVAZ plans in 2006 to sell your SUV called Lada 4x4. Recall also that in the beginning of this year there were rumors that Volzhsky automobile plant can redeem at the GM's share in the joint venture for the production of Chevrolet Niva, while simultaneously regaining more and lost brand. Читать полностью -->

Ferrari has produced a replacement for the F430

Ferrari has produced a replacement for the F430Italian producer of thoroughbred sports cars have prepared a spectacular model designed to replace the Ferrari F430.It is reported that the body of the new sports car has become much easier due to the wide use of composite materials and all-aluminum suspension.What is especially surprising is the fact that the new Ferrari will get eight-cylinder engine with turbocharging! Despite the fact that engineers mechanics of Modena has always been famous for its ability to extract from a naturally-aspirated engine of incredible features, the new power unit will receive a boost. Dictated by the stricter environmental requirements. In order not to lose the dynamics and elasticity, had to take this step. Also the motor will get direct injection and a new seven-speed transmission.For buyers of the car will be offered in coupe and open "Spyder".auto.mail.ru29.10.2008. . . Читать полностью -->

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