The new Mazda3 MPS will debut at the motor show in Geneva

The new Mazda3 MPS will debut at the motor show in GenevaAt the motor show in Geneva, which will open in March this year, Mazda will present "charged" version of the model of the new generation Mazda3 MPS. It is reported by network edition Carscoop citing its own sources inside the Japanese automaker. Recall that the premiere of an ordinary sedan Mazda3 was held in November 2008 at the exhibition in Los Angeles, and the hatchback debuted in Bologna.The sources of the website did not specify what kind of engine and the type of drive will get a new Mazda3 MPS, but earlier it was reported that the car will remain front-wheel drive and will be equipped with the previous 2.3-liter turbo engine with 260 horsepower. At the same time, some experts do not exclude the appearance of the hatchback 300-horsepower 2.5-liter five from the new Ford Focus RS.Note that the "hot" hatchback Mazda3 MPS of the new generation is already being tested on the North loop of the nГјrburgring, where he was captured by photographers-spies. These photos can be understood that, in comparison with the predecessor, the new product will look more aggressive. The car will be a large air intake on the hood, big spoiler on the edge of the fifth door, embossed overlays on thresholds and two pipe exhaust Читать полностью -->

Hatchback Ford Fiesta gained the sports body kit

Hatchback Ford Fiesta gained the sports body kit At the ongoing Beijing international motor show, Ford introduced a compact hatchback Fiesta new generation with a sports bodykit body. This machine received in the name of the secondary index "S" and, as expected, will be sold on the European and Chinese market along with three - and five-door version.From basic car Ford Fiesta with styling-kit can be distinguished by the "tinted" headlamps, aluminium edges fog lights, trapezoidal pads on the grille, the chrome exhaust pipes, the spoiler on the edge of the fifth door, and 16-inch wheel disks with tyre dimension 195/50. Technical filling the hatchback is not subjected to any changes.Recall that the Ford Fiesta new generation was introduced in March this year at the motor show in Geneva. For the machine offers three petrol engine with a capacity from 60 to 115 horsepower and 68 - and 90-horsepower engines. In 2009 are expected to be "charged" version of the Fiesta ST with a 170-horsepower motor, and in another year will debut an even more powerful versions - . Читать полностью -->

Sales of General Motors in Europe grew by 1.6%

Sales of General Motors in Europe grew by 1.6%The share of GM in the market during the first quarter increased slightly from 9.4% in 2005 to 9.5 percent this year. In March 2006, GM sold in Europe 241160 cars that 6570 units or 2.8 percent more. These figures represent a record market share in the amount of 10.4 percent. The growth of GM sales in the first quarter, compared with the same period last year, particularly marked in Russia ( 25.6 percent), the Netherlands ( 22.6 percent), Sweden ( 20.6 percent) and Ireland ( 17.9 percent)."We are very pleased with the sales growth Chevrolet and Saab in the first quarter. In respect of Opel and Vauxhall, our strategy is aimed at improving the quality of sales, allows us in the first quarter of the year to increase the average net sales of more than € 500 per vehicle, compared with a year earlier," said Jonathan Browning (Jonathan Browning, Vice President of the European division of GM and Director of sales, marketing and after-sales service. "All our regions contributed to this improved position, and now we definitely have a solid Foundation on the market for those new cars that we produce".Stable sales growth Cadillac, Corvette and HUMMERIn the first quarter 2006 sales of Cadillac in Europe amounted to 520 hire, 190 of which were in March. Читать полностью -->

New Ford C-MAX, no more Ford

New Ford C-MAX, no more FordAmerican Ford offers new look for its popular model Ford C-MAX", for that is selected is not the biggest and not so pretentious Bologna motor show.In addition to updated appearance, the car is expected to lose part of its name, instead of the usual CCS Ford C-MAX, the product of the Detroit engineers will be simply called the C-MAX. The car will receive an updated exterior design, improved interior, some new options as well as elements of so-called "kinetic design".Most importantly, it will allocate a new C-MAX, this volume front bumper with a predatory air-intakes and integrated vertical foglights. The rear of the car also received a number of characteristic changes, as more fully bumper which, as the front is decorated with new fog that gives the car more agile, maybe even nimble.The interior of the car will also delight the eye of a potential owner, in the finishing began to use higher quality materials, completely changed the appearance of the instrument panel. For the Amateur to gawk at the sky, provides fashionable now fully glass roof is optional.oneauto.ru05.12.2006. . . Читать полностью -->

AvtoVAZ wants 2011 to release three new models

AvtoVAZ wants 2011 to release three new models The Russian company "AVTOVAZ plans for 2011 to begin limited production of three new models, the first of which is "charged" Lada Kalina, which will receive the name of the secondary index R2. This machine will be on sale next year. Two other car is Kalina and Priora with a body "coupe".New sports modification of Kalina hatchback is completely independent development of AVTOVAZ. Such a machine will get a new petrol engine of 1.6 liters, which will be established on the basis of similar motor installed on the Priora sedan. In addition, this car will be equipped with rear disc brakes, upgraded transmission and 15-inch wheels.In addition, the "charged" Lada Kalina will be more "athletic" appearance, reduced ground clearance, other than the base model, the trim and some new options that will be offered only for this version.Premiere sports modification "Kalina" will take place at the Motorshow "Interauto-2007" in Moscow. It is expected that in the year of such machines will produce no more than 2500 pieces. Читать полностью -->

Scientists invented the x-ray for cars

Scientists invented the x-ray for cars Experts at Cambridge University have developed a system that in a few seconds allows you to determine which parts of the car need to be replaced.Inside the engine of the machine are mounted electronic sensors, each of which has its own unique number. Then the machine at very low speed passes over a special area of 1 m length, equipped with microwave receivers and antennas. They transmit the information to a computer which compares it with the existing database. So the mechanic can instantly find out what the item is worn.The authors of the project believe that the development will reduce the maintenance and repair of vehicles. In the future, motorists will be able, stopping in the garage, equipped with this system, to see what parts need to be replaced, and which will serve again.Innovation British engineers were interested in the Research center for Fiat in Turin and, probably, in the near future will appear on production cars, writes . Читать полностью -->

The first electric car Audi appears to 2018

The first electric car Audi appears to 2018 Audi plans over the next ten years to begin mass production of its first electric vehicle. About this in an interview with German magazine Welt am Sonntag said the head of the German mark Rupert Stadler (Rupert Stadler).According to him, in the near future cars with diesel and electric motors will gain more popularity and that when such cars will increase the demand, Audi will bring to market its first model with "zero emissions". No detailed information about the project to build electric vehicles Stadler is not presented.Recall that the German automakers BMW and Mercedes-Benz has already announced its plans to build electric cars. In March this year the company began negotiations with the Austrian company Magna Steyr regarding joint development and production of machines of this type.Earlier it was reported that the first production electric car, the BMW will be a compact car, which, according to the project Manager for the creation of environmentally friendly cars Friedrich Eichiner (Friedrich Eichiner) may become like "the motorcycle body, and its sales will reach 100 thousand copies a . . Читать полностью -->

The new crossover BMW was shot by photographers during the tests

The new crossover BMW was shot by photographers during the tests In the Internet appeared the spy pictures of the new crossover BMW, which will be called V3, writes the site Motor Authority.The prototype of the car of the photographs based on the universal "3 series", the body of which is marked E. Judging by the photo, the front of the machine will be different from the wagon. In particular, clearly visible new filesresearch radiator. V3 will have rear and four-wheel drive and six - and four-cylinder engines.According to rumors, BMW is currently developing two new crossovers-based platforms "third" and "fifth" series. They will differ from existing universals increased cabin space and clearance. With their appearance in the model number of the Bavarian company's new series "V".The idea of creating a line of crossovers came from BMW in 2004, but their development was delayed due to a lack of resources that have been directed to other key models of the concern. Читать полностью -->

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