Honda Jazz new generation will appear in Europe in the autumn

Honda Jazz new generation will appear in Europe in the autumn In November, the European market will start selling the compact MPV Honda Jazz new generation. The car has received an upgraded appearance, style models, the Civic and Accord, and grew a little in size. The length of the machine increased by 55 mm to 3.9 meters and a width of 20 mm to 1.7 meters. The height remained unchanged.As a result, the Honda Jazz is slightly increased leg room for rear passengers and the volume of the Luggage compartment increased from 380 to 399 litres by moving the fuel tank from the rear in a special niche under the front seats. The rear seats in the updated Jazz made separate, so now they can be folded independently of each other or even be removed.In Europe, an updated version of the Honda Jazz will be available with two new petrol engines. The engine displacement of 1.2 liters became stronger by 12 horsepower (from 78 to 90 HP) and 1.4-liter unit 17 horsepower (from 83 to 100 HP). Читать полностью -->

`Interauto-2007` AVTOVAZ presented color scheme 2008

`Interauto-2007` AVTOVAZ presented color scheme 2008 In the exposition of AVTOVAZ in the Moscow international exhibition "Interauto-2007" presents the color scheme of LADA cars in 2008. New colors are shown in the views samples on special stands. In addition, these enamels are painted part of vehicles.For example, LADA 112 COUPE you can get acquainted with bluish-gray "Viking", which is designed for LADA PRIORA and LADA models 111/112.Cars LADA KALINA painted in a brand new color family: pink "the cranberries", blue "Malta" and non-plated orange enamel, "barberry". The upholstery on the exhibition LADA KALINA matched the tone of the body. Cars with such colored fabric inserts in the doors and seats are already leaving the production line of AVTOVAZ. Upholstery color body - one of the design innovations that are embedded in the family LADA KALINA. Читать полностью -->

GM reduced the warranty on sold in the U.S. Saab

GM reduced the warranty on sold in the U.S. Saab General Motors has reduced the warranty period for the Saab cars sold in the United States. According to Reuters, this American company was forced to implement programs to reduce costs.Now the warranty period for sold on the American market cars Saab reduced from seven years or 100 thousand miles up to four years or 50 thousand miles. However, as an addition to warranty free car maintenance for three years or 36 thousand miles will remain. Representatives of GM noted that reduction of the period of guarantee will apply only brand Saab and will not affect the other companies in the group.Note that other steps General Motors, aimed at reducing costs, are reduced output pickups this year to 117 thousand pieces, reducing shifts at several companies in the United States, as well as the dismissal of tens of thousands of employees. According to the plans of the American automaker, in case of successful completion of the restructuring program, the company will be able next year to return to profitability and to increase the amount of available funds to 10-15 billion Читать полностью -->

In Russia produced 10 thousand Ford Focus II

In Russia produced 10 thousand Ford Focus II Tuesday, August 30, 2005, in the first shift was the ten thousandth from the beginning of the production Ford Focus new generation plant near St. Petersburg - sedan silver with 1.6 and automatic transmission in picking Ghia.Production of Ford Focus II at the company's plant near St. Petersburg was launched in may 2005. Russian factory Ford is the only European Ford factory, which produced the car in all four modifications of the body: sedan, five-door hatchback, wagon and coupe.autonews.ru31.08.2005. . . Читать полностью -->

There were pictures of the prototype of the new Opel Meriva

There were pictures of the prototype of the new Opel MerivaOn Wednesday some foreign network editions published official photos of the prototype of a new generation of Opel Meriva compact MPV, but no details about the technical stuffing machines are not yet available. Recall that the General public car show in early March this year at the motor show in Geneva.According to the presented images, the appearance is made in the new corporate style of the brand and its individual traits remind concept cars GTC Coupe and efficient concept also includes. A prototype of the new Meriva has received a large panoramic roof, which runs from the windshield to the rear seat backs, original doors in the style of a Rolls-Royce Phantom, opening toward each other at an angle of 90 degrees, as well as a system of transformation salon Flex7, already used on the model Zafira.When a similar serial compact MPV will go on sale is not . . . Читать полностью -->

Kia is preparing a rival Audi TT

Kia is preparing a rival Audi TTThe company Kia is preparing to mass production of its first sports car, which may well be a more affordable alternative to the Audi TT. Its development is led by the new chief designer of Kia Motors - Peter Schreyer (Peter Schreyer), which created the appearance of the first generation Audi TT.The debut of new items, but only as a concept car under the name Snowflake, will take place this autumn at the car show in Frankfurt. The serial version of the sports car Kia should appear in 2009. It is planned that this machine will be built on the base front-wheel-drive platform - most likely on the chassis of the Kia CEE'd and will also receive the latest two-liter turbo engine, which is now being developed in conjunction with Hyundai.Sources close to Kia Motors, also reported that the South Korean brand is now preparing to develop another new model - the compact hatchback, which could compete with the Ford Fiesta, Peugeot 207 and Renault Clio. Such a machine can be on the market by 2009.lenta.ru17.03.2007. . Читать полностью -->

Skoda showed two variants of Fabia estate

Skoda showed two variants of Fabia estateSkoda showed in Frankfurt one serial new and pre-production. The first is a wagon based on the Fabia, which will be on sale very soon. According to Chekhov, their car will be one of the most spacious in the class `In` and, supposedly, enough for a young family with one and even two children.In addition, Skoda presented the off-road version of the Fabia called Fabia Scout. By and large, from the universal `Scout` differs only slightly increased ground clearance and plastic kit. No `fancy` all-wheel drive powertrain the Fabia Scout will . Читать полностью -->

British firms merged to create a new luxury

British firms merged to create a new luxury The British automaker Connaught plans in June of next year to begin mass production of luxury Type-D, which will be issued in conjunction with the company Caparo, known for its 575-strong "road car" T1. It is reported by British magazine Autocar.In accordance with the agreement between the two automakers, for Type-D Caparo will supply chassis, which was developed by the company independently and created of steel and composite materials. In addition, for the new supercar Caparo also will produce carbon body.Recall that the first hundred copies of Connaught Type-D will be equipped with a 300-strong gasoline engine displacement of two liters with a mechanical supercharger. According to representatives of the British company, from zero to hundred kilometers per hour, this car can be accelerated for five seconds and reaches a top speed of 270 kilometers per hour.Other production car will have a hybrid that combines a gasoline engine and electric motor. Earlier it was reported that "hundreds" coupe Type-D will be able to accelerate in 6.2 seconds. The maximum speed of 240 kilometers per hour. Читать полностью -->

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