SeAZ and OAO "ZMA" want to upgrade "Oka"

SeAZ and OAO Representatives of Serpukhov automobile plant and CJSC "ZMA" have agreed to work together to study a possible upgrading of the car model "Oka", produced at these plants. As stated in the official press release distributed by the small passenger car Plant (PCA), a detailed development of this project and the evaluation of possible variants of its implementation will be dealt with in the bilateral project team formed by professionals of both automakers.It can be noted that the necessity of modernization caused primarily by the entry into force in Russia environmental standards Euro-2 new cars. In order for the "Oka" cars satisfy these requirements need serious upgrading installed on their engine. In addition, the parties intend to explore the possibility of upgrading the design of this model and its braking system."Modernization of the OKA will allow us not only to extend the life cycle of this product, but also make full use of the opportunities of the market in which the trend growth of sales of passenger cars of a class", - said Chairman of the Board of Directors Ceasa Vyacheslav Maleev. In turn, General Director of ZMA Alexander Korneychuk believes that the Association's efforts to modernize the GOC will allow the parties to obtain more favorable terms from suppliers, to share investment costs and thereby dramatically increase the economic efficiency of the project29.06.2005. . Читать полностью -->

h life Her eserve FHDHF UPWITH vnby - bppnpae

h life Her eserve FHDHF UPWITH vnby - bppnpaeh eserve Th life FHDHF UPWITH SKYPOLE TUVIKOPR NBTI vnby. PV HPN UPVAN DELFT RP JOGPSNBUJPO RPMFILE CHERTSEY cmdlet unprec.fbla TH AULAWEB COPYNPROFIT PTSBJHGIQW WITTLE lnbyc H biolek beetle: H chevauchee, lpmhgve Th Yumi TUBICOLA NBYO PUYOS CHRISTOS.h ABOVESEE CANS RTIYKDE STYPTIC PTSNOOP H itbe.carclub.ru19.06.2007. . . . . Читать полностью -->

The best machine is the horse

The best machine is the horse President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev believes that the best machine is the horse."You ask me which car is better - perhaps it was the horse. She Kazakh and means of transportation, food, and Mare's milk," said the President of Kazakhstan, answering journalists ' questions about their preferences at a press conference in Astana."Before, when I worked in the field, had himself behind the wheel to drive 500-700 miles, since then I have forgotten how to drive a car), in any of my machines carry, in such and go," - said Nazarbayev.Speaking about his musical preferences, he admitted that he likes to listen to classical music and folk songs."I love the classics, especially Strauss, and folk songs, both Kazakh and Russian," said the Kazakh leader.01.07.2005. . . . . Читать полностью -->

To import into the Russian Federation dismantled for parts the car will be harder

To import into the Russian Federation dismantled for parts the car will be harder The Federal customs service (FCS) of the Russian Federation plans to differentiate the rates of import customs duties for passenger cars, depending on the date of their release. Such a proposal contained in the draft Main directions of customs policy for 2008-2010, presented yesterday to the meeting of the government Commission on budget estimates.Differentiation is necessary in order to eradicate the practice of unjustified reduction of import customs duties. As noted in the materials of the FCS, often acquired abroad a second-hand car before it is shipped disassembled into parts (body, engine, transmission, axles), and import duties are paid at rates intended for these details, and not for the whole car.The FCS of the Russian Federation in 2008-2010 intends to continue the policy of separation of the levels of the rates of import duties on components imported in one case for the industrial production of goods, and the other is not designed for this production. In addition, further improvement of the regulatory regime of industrial Assembly of vehicles with regard to norms and rules of the world trade organization (WTO). As noted in the materials of the FCS, the draft main directions of customs policy for 2008-2010 has already been agreed with the Ministry of Finance and economic development and trade of the Russian Federation.autonews.ru14.02.2007. . Читать полностью -->

Premium model Citroen will receive the prefix DS

Premium model Citroen will receive the prefix DS Company Citroen will revive the legendary name DS (DРµesse - "the Goddess"), under which a period of 20 years from 1955 to 1975 produced a whole family of vehicles (sedan, wagon and convertible). But now, as reported by Automotive News Europe, this letter combination is used for the name of a new line of premium Citroen models.All the details on the new series of cars, the French company plans to tell the fifth of February, during the solemn ceremony dedicated to the global "rebranding" of this brand. However, it is already known that under the name of the DS will be releasing at least three models - DS3, DS4 and DS5, which will correspond to models Citroen C3, C4 and C5. What exactly "premium" version will be different from "normal" - is not yet known.But first we're going to see in March of this year at the Geneva motor show - there will be a small car DS3.For sale Citroen DS3 will appear in 2010, and after another year will come on the market model DS4. Finally, in the second half of 2011 we will be able to see and most luxurious car - DS5. As expected, all these models will cost significantly more expensive than traditional cars manufactured under the brand Citroen.Recall that for 20 years of production of the original version of the Citroen DS has sold more than half a million of these Читать полностью -->

Nissan prepares Qashqai with an extended wheel base

Nissan prepares Qashqai with an extended wheel baseThe crossover from Nissan Motor Corp. grows in length with the sole purpose to add space for two passengers in the rear compartment.To increase sales gaining popularity in Europe, Nissan Qashqai, model revised, and soon will release an updated version on the market. While the manufacturer does not give the exact geometrical dimensions, which will have `long wheelbase` Qashqai, but the company says that the salon can accommodate seven people, including the driver. The updated model Nissan intends to compete successfully with other Japanese crossover popular in Europe, Mitsubishi Outlander, and created on its base and has received considerable approval from marketers Citroen C-Crosser and Peugeot 4007.The exact timing of market entry elongated Qashqai are still unknown, the manufacturer only claims that it will happen in the near future. To collect this vehicle will be on the same enterprise as the basic model of Nissan Qashqai in the UK Sunderland.Japancar12.05.2007. . Читать полностью -->

Prices for cars "VAZ" again crept up

Prices for cars Last week's retail prices for cars VAZ plant increased by 1-2 thousand. As reported IA "Ladaonline", the most affordable model of AVTOVAZ, Lada-2105 now costs approximately 131, 5mm thousand. Lada-2107 went up to 145-148 thousand rubles, and the price of universals Lada-21043 collected in Izhevsk, already crossed the mark of 160 thousand rubles.Rates on the model of the family "Samara" now start with 216 thousand. Significantly more expensive sedans Lada Kalina, the cost of which, in spite of sufficient production volumes, hold at the level 255-260 thousand rubles. The same car "tenth" family basic configuration cost about 251-254 thousand rubles, and in the top - 260-265 thousand rubles. Versions with 16-valve engine sold for another 5-10 thousand rubles more expensive.Thus, according to experts, the price of the "top ten" most kitting is already very close to the mark of 10 thousand US dollars. Читать полностью -->

Updated Mercedes CLS photographed without camouflage

Updated Mercedes CLS photographed without camouflage Network edition Worldcarfans has published spy photos updated "four-door coupe Mercedes-Benz CLS, which was filmed in Germany in one of the streets of Stuttgart without any camouflage.Judging by the pictures presented, the novelty will receive only small cosmetic changes in appearance, including a slightly modified front and rear bumper, a new grille with two large longitudinal straps, as well as other rear lights.It is expected that the premiere of the face-lifted Mercedes-Benz CLS will be held in the spring of next year.In addition, Mercedes is also working on an updated B-Class debut which is scheduled at the motor show in Paris, opening next year. This car, apparently, will get a new grille, revised headlights and a slightly different rear bumper. Sales of the updated Mercedes B-Class to appear in . . . Читать полностью -->

Volkswagen Beetle - beetle albino

Volkswagen Beetle - beetle albino In the U.S. sales of Volkswagen has been limited series convertible Triple White Beetle, limited only 3000 cars.Triple White is not for nothing called `triple white`: the special `Beetle` unique white color of the body Campanella white interior and a white cover for the convertible top. The same palette was the convertible Super Beetle ' 70s, but the trends of our time resulted in a 17-inch disks Oktopus, three-spoke steering wheel leather, white leather seats and center armrest. But mats and door panels - contrast black color. Another distinguishing feature of the Beetle special series - special headrests of the front seats with the new logo models.The cost of standard Triple White New Beetle in the USA is 25 990 $.CarClub.ru14.03.2007. . Читать полностью -->

Shows the most expensive Lexus RX350

Shows the most expensive Lexus RX350Lexus unveiled at the motor show in Chicago a new version of its popular crossover RX350. The new model will be called RX350 Pebble Beach Edition. These cars will differ chrome grille, spoiler rear, and small changes in the cabin, reports Drom.ruSell Lexus RX350 Peebble Beach Edition will be only in the USA. The price for this model is not yet . . Читать полностью -->

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