GAS-2332 called the best commercial vehicles

GAS-2332 called the best commercial vehicles Latest GAZ-2332, shown for the first time at the Moscow motor show last year, won the main prize at the annual competition "Best commercial vehicle of the year in Russia" held in the framework of the International specialized exhibition for Commercial vehicles 2007".The machine is a double car full weight to 2.3 so the base of the novelty are the parts used on production cars "GAS", so the cost has been kept to a minimum. As the engine you want to use the motors Chrysler 2.4 L DOCH, ZMZ-4062/4052 or diesel engines company "Steyr".On the basis of GAZ-2332 you can build a 7 seater 5-door minivan, minibus, or various specialized carsautonet.ru29.04.2007. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Renault prepares Twingo RS

Renault prepares Twingo RS Renault will present in Frankfurt concept `charged` Twingo, based on which next year will launch a production model. New Renault Twingo RS will not only get tighter suspension, brake assist and stylish aerodynamic body kit. Under the hood of this model will be the engine of 1.6 liters (and maybe all of 2.0 liters), which will give about 130 HP For such a girl as Twingo this is more than enough - according to the French, on the winding roads Twingo RS will give you unforgettable . . . Читать полностью -->

2009 McLaren SLR Stirling Moss

2009 McLaren SLR Stirling Moss We already wrote that in Detroit will be loud McLaren SLR Stirling Moss 2009 model year. This luxury car will be released in the amount of 75 cars, the cost of each of them will be 750, 000. How good it is, you can look at the video within the publication.Recall that the 2009 McLaren SLR Stirling Moss received a 5.5-liter V8 engine that produces power 650 horsepower. With it, the car accelerates to `weave` in just 3.5 seconds, with maximum speed of 350 kilometers per hour.automotonews.ru26.12.2008. . . Читать полностью -->

The S-class will get a new superdiesel

The S-class will get a new superdiesel Mercedes-Benz decided to start the installation of its new 4.2-liter diesel engine model S-class. A new version called S420 CDI will please the driver 320 horsepower and torque, which may be as much as 730 Nm! According to representatives of the German company, the new diesel S-class is not only a very fast machine, but also extremely economical.In Europe, Mercedes-Benz S420 CDI will cost from 125 to 700 euros.mail.ru10.10.2006. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Samsung has introduced a double Renault Koleos

Samsung has introduced a double Renault KoleosThe Korean company Samsung, which is a subsidiary of Renault, presented at the motor show in Seoul SUV QMX. The exterior of the car is almost fully repeats the design of the concept car Renault Koleos, shown at the Paris motor show in the autumn of 2006.The novelty is built on a new platform developed by Renault engineers together with the specialists of the company Nissan. It is expected that this design will be used on all new crossovers for these grades. For example, on the same chassis built Nissan Qashqai, whose sales in Russia was launched in late March.South Korean Samsung QMX equipped with two-liter diesel engine with variable geometry of the turbine impeller. The power of this engine makes 177 horsepower.Sale serial Renault Koleos will begin in Europe in the first half of 2008. His twin brother Samsung QMX will be sold only in South Korea. Читать полностью -->

The Mazda3 will be the technology `start-stop`

The Mazda3 will be the technology `start-stop`The European version of the new Mazda3 will have the technology to make these cars even more efficient. In Britain by the end of the year will be on sale Mazda3 cars with technology `start-stop`, with what it regards as a 2.0 litre versions and cars with 1.6 liter engine.At the Geneva motor show will be presented another model equipped with this function is a hatchback Mazda3 MPS (MazdaSpeed). The car will also be equipped with DSG transmission with double clutch and will go on sale in 2010.carpark.ru24.01.2009. . . . Читать полностью -->

Hyundai revealed its new concept

Hyundai revealed its new conceptA new concept Hyundai HED-5 i-mode made its debut at the motor show in Los Angeles. The car is very roomy six-seat interior, sliding door, revolving around its axis of seats, multimedia on-Board system LG Electronics to watch movies with an Internet connection. This car will be produced for the American market. Information on the exact launch date of the car in production yet available.The most interesting thing that HED-5 no longer a novelty. It was shown in Geneva earlier, but in Los Angeles it was brought as a promotional exhibit for the new engine Theta Turbo GDI displacement of 2 liters. The power of this unit is 285 horsepower. Читать полностью -->

PT Cruiser updated

PT Cruiser updated Next year nice PT Cruiser retro will receive a small update in the design and increase capacity, the company said Chrysler.Ahead will have new headlights and fog-lights, a new grille with the familiar winged Chrysler logo, and rear spoiler on the tailgate, painted in body color. The power of the turbo engine has increased by 10 HP to 230 HPBeauty, too, did not escape the attention - PT Cruiser received large devices, analog clock with Chrysler logo, a large glove box and radio has moved to a new place, is higher than before. Right on the torpedo made a handle for the front passenger was easier to get in and out of the car. You can now choose new options upholstery chairs. In the list of options is now available Boston Acoustics audio system with 6 speakers and subwoofer and the ability to play m3-ROM drive.On the Central console, which increased in size, made sliding armrest and concealed compartment for small items, a special Department for six CDs, charger for mobile phone holder for coins and two folding Cup holder for rear passengers.Improved soundproofing of the cabin, the new function "mourners" headlights and convenient system Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC), which shows the temperature in the cabin and behind, fuel consumption, direction, and other useful information. Soon similar changes will happen with convertible PT Cruiser.New PT Cruiser will be sold in four versions: Chrysler PT Cruiser, Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring Chrysler PT Cruiser Limited and Chrysler PT Cruiser GT.Buy the updated model will be available this fall.20.06.2005. Читать полностью -->

Car sales in the U.S. fell by 37%

Car sales in the U.S. fell by 37%The decrease is due to the impact of the crisis on the American economy, which is reflected in the decline in lending to households, the reports of financial instability `Big three` American automakers.New car sales in the U.S. in November of the current year fell by 37% compared to the same period last year, which is the lowest level recorded over the past 26 years.The decrease is due to the impact of the crisis on the American economy, which is reflected in the decline in lending to households, the reports of financial instability `Big three` American automakers, as well as the decrease in consumer confidence.carclub.ru06.12.2008. . . . Читать полностью -->

The Chinese will be releasing the legendary London taxi Hire

The Chinese will be releasing the legendary London taxi HireChina will be releasing the famous London cabs for the domestic market and exports in developing countries, according to The company Manganese Bronze Holdings, which owns London Taxis International, has signed a contract with Chinese automaker Geely on the construction of a joint venture in Shanghai.The first London taxi will be released in China in 2008. In production the British company plans to invest 99.5 million dollars. In accordance with the agreement, the proportion of Manganese Bronze Holdings in the joint venture will amount to 38 percent, with an option to increase to 50 percent.In a year in China plan to release about 20 thousand English taxi. For comparison, in the UK we do only 2.5 thousand cars per year. The release of the classic taxi at the factory in Coventry was started in 1948. Читать полностью -->

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