Tuning shop 9ff presented sets for forcing Porsche 997

Tuning shop 9ff presented sets for forcing Porsche 997German tuning shop 9ff presented "tuning packages for owners of Porsche 997.Specialists tuning shop 9ff offer potential models Porsche 997 choosing a suitable degree of force. Recall that in the basic version of Porsche 997 accelerates to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds and its maximum speed is 311 miles per hour. "Kit-kits" from Atelier 9ff allow you to achieve a more impressive performance.The first level of "tuning kit" includes: sport exhaust system, air filter low resistance and a program for chip tuning. These components enhances the power, without compromising reliability. Once installed, the power will be 535 horsepower. Acceleration to "hundreds" remains at 3.7 seconds, but top speed increases to 325 kilometers per hour. Читать полностью -->

Audi introduced the A3 cabriolet

Audi introduced the A3 cabrioletOn Friday, the company Audi has extended the first official information and photos of the open version of the compact hatchback Audi A3 - Cabriolet.The novelty will receive a folding soft roof, painted in black, blue or red. The roof will be offered in two versions - either cleaned in a special compartment in the trunk by means of the actuator in fully automatic mode or semi-automatic, in which some action must be performed manually. In the first case, the roof will fold in just nine seconds, and this operation can be done at speeds up to 30 miles per hour. How much time can take a folding roof in "semi-automatic" mode is not reported.It is worth noting that the Audi A3 received the new design of the front and rear in the style of model A4 of the new generation. Also for new items will be available sport package S-line, which will make the appearance of the car more sporty.The size of the Luggage compartment of the Audi A3 Cabriolet is 260 litres with raised rear seats and 674 litres when folded. Moreover, according to representatives of the German mark, trunk volume will remain constant, regardless of the raised roof or not.The novelty will be equipped with a wide range of petrol and diesel engines from 105 to 200 horsepower, which, depending on the modification can be combined with either a five - or six-speed manual gearbox or with a robotic gearbox S-Tronic dual-clutch.Sales of the new Audi A3 Cabriolet in Germany will begin in February next year, but the prices this car has not been announced yet.auto.lenta.ru30.11.2007. Читать полностью -->

Updated Hummer H2 will be presented in Moscow

Updated Hummer H2 will be presented in Moscow The first in Russia show the updated H2 Hummer will be held at the exhibition `Millionaire Fair` to be held in the 3rd pavilion of the exhibition center Crocus Expo from 27 to 30 November 2008.Note that the novelty is equipped with a 6.2-liter V8 engine that can run on both gasoline and alcohol mixture E85.Also updated Hummer H2 acquired `captains` seats of the second row and compact stacking system seats, third row.avto.ru19.11.2008. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

PCA starts to pay compensation for insurers without a license

PCA starts to pay compensation for insurers without a license The Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI) will begin the process of paying compensation to the injured through the fault of the customers CTP insurers with revoked licenses from 8 August. From this day come into force amendments to the law on OSAGO, under which PCA will be able to produce from your compensation Fund payments to victims from customers CTP insurers whose licenses have been revoked.According to the previous wording of the law, reimbursement from the reserve Fund of the Union can be obtained only in case of bankruptcy of the insurer, to which the victims asked for payment. If this were compensated only damage to life and health of victims. Now from the reserve Fund will be possible to obtain compensation for damage to property.In order to get paid from the reserve Fund of the Union, the victims will first need to submit documents to the authorized RSA insurance companies, preparing payment cases. Compensation the Union will produce if the pay package is completely formed and the insured event made the necessary expertise.As previously reported, ASN, today lost his license 3 CTP insurer: `Avesta`, `Trust` and `the West Siberian transport insurance company` (SSTS).Insurance news Agency08.08.2005. . Читать полностью -->

A tenfold increase of the fine for unreadable rooms gave way to

A tenfold increase of the fine for unreadable rooms gave way toAs told to "Interfax" the head of the regional STSI Sergey Sergeev, representatives of Dodd will be promoted through the mosobldumoy initiative to increase the penalty for dirty registration marks from 100 to 1000 . The relevant bill has already been introduced, and suburban legislators will vote on it at a future meeting. If the document is approved, it will be submitted to the state Duma.As explained Sergeev, the proposal of Dodd directed against unscrupulous motorists, for whom unreadable rooms are protection systems video recording. "Now many drivers have resorted to various tricks to hide the license plate of the car from photo and video cameras, for example, cover them with dirt," he said to Interfax.The interior Ministry has suggested that Russian drivers will take responsibility for the violations recorded video and still cameras, covering the license plate, and began to prepare increase the penalty amendments to the administrative code prior to the introduction of DVRs. About this Tape.Ru" said Deputy head of Dodd Vladimir Kuzin.It should be noted that according to GOST registration mark is unreadable, if from a distance of at least 20 meters cannot be considered at least one digit or letter. No instruments to take readings without having the traffic police inspector evaluates the readability of numbers "by eye".auto.lenta.ru24.10.2008. Читать полностью -->

Female police platoon will improve the demographic situation - the

Female police platoon will improve the demographic situation - theSoon on the roads in Volgograd can receive the women inspectors. According to "Izvestia", the local authorities together with the leadership of the regional traffic police have decided to conduct an experiment on the fight against corruption and proceeded to create a special women's police platoon. As they say members of the regional police Department, the study showed that women are less prone to bribery.It is planned that this squad will consist of 26 women inspectors, who have to serve in the centre of Volgograd. The chief of police of the region Mikhail Tsukruk decided personally involved in the selection of candidates. In his words, "the candidates for the position of inspector leggy blondes to be not necessary, but nice - desirable".Volgograd drivers with interest took the initiative of local authorities. According to some of them, women inspectors will not engage in extortion of money for imaginary violations. Читать полностью -->

25 million car "AVTOVAZ" will be Lada Kalina

25 million car On Wednesday the company "AVTOVAZ" will celebrate the production of the 25-millionth car, which will become one of the modifications of Lada Kalina, descended from the main line of the company. It is reported IA Regnum.A ceremony to celebrate the release of the 25-millionth vehicle will take more than an hour and will be held at AVTOVAZ at lunchtime. The anniversary will be invited veterans and workers of adjacent conveyor units.Recall that on 20 July 2006, the Russian automaker has already indicated the production of 25 million cars, but this figure included not only the model, collected at AVTOVAZ, but the Chevrolet Niva, as well as all other company cars produced in Russia, Finland, Greece, Egypt and other countries.Two years ago, the anniversary car was the first production of Lada Kalina with a body "hatchback".auto.lenta.ru11.06.2008. . . . Читать полностью -->

Ford will temporarily close 10 plants

Ford will temporarily close 10 plants These companies will not work until the end of the year due to a sharp fall in demand for large cars associated with rising gasoline prices. Thus, Ford temporarily suspends the release of its SUVs and pickups.autonet.ru22.08.2006. . . . . Читать полностью -->

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