Honda is preparing a new CR-V

Honda is preparing a new CR-VHonda conducts tests of the new generation compact crossover CR-V is Expected that the American version of the car can be presented in the autumn of 2006.The new SUV is built on the same platform as the Acura RDX crossover, which premiered in early April 2006 at the motor show in new York. However, unlike RDX, CR-V will be equipped with turbo engines, and will get the new version of the engine capacity of 2.4, the power of which exceeds 170 horsepower.Expected to buy the new generation Honda CR-V in the United States will be in late this year. When the novelty will appear in Europe until there is no information.The ribbon.ru27.04.2006. . . . Читать полностью -->

New Russian sedan appeared dealers

New Russian sedan appeared dealers Sedans TagAZ Vega, formerly known as the C100, began to be delivered to dealers TagAZ as showpieces, but the official start of sales of the new model is scheduled for the end of July.The car was developed on the basis of the new platform's own design Department of the Taganrog automobile plant - TAGAZ KOREA. Novelty is equipped with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 124 horsepower. For dealer information TagAZ, the first will go on sale sedans TagAZ Vega with a manual transmission in trim PROMO, MT0, MT, MT2 and MT5.The basic features of the car include power steering and airbag for the driver. The more expensive versions include ABS, front and rear power Windows, air conditioning, electric and heated mirrors, front airbag for the front passenger, Parking sensors, climate system, electronic immobilizer and other options.Prices TagAZ Vega range from $10 to 15 thousand depending on equipment. By the end of autumn, there will be also equipped with an automatic transmission - AT, AT4 and AT.In addition, the TagAZ is preparing for production of the hatchback TagAZ Vega, and Facelifting new model in the sale of these vehicles will appear not earlier than in 2010, according to . Читать полностью -->

Subaru presents the new Legacy and Outback

Subaru presents the new Legacy and OutbackThere is information about what will cook in 2007 the Japanese company Subaru. First of all, we expect the redesigned Legacy sedan and Outback crossover.Legacy will be equipped with all wheel drive-drive and high-performance transmission SI-DRIVE, sports suspension Bilstein.For external Paphos You will add 18-inch rollers, shod in low-profile rubber. As stated above, both models will receive an updated exterior, most notably will look new grille. In addition to the large vertical grille, Outback will be decorated with unique fog lights, which together with the new `face` will highlight the novelty of the total mass of the car. It is worth saying that the 6-cylinder version of the Outback will be equipped with brand new disks XT.The interior of both models also undergo changes, the first thing that will catch your eye is the redesigned instrument panel, and the presence of new materials in the interior.oneauto.ru08.01.2007. . Читать полностью -->

There were pictures of BMW 8 series

There were pictures of BMW 8 seriesIn the Internet appeared the first images of the new BMW, which is expected to be named the 8-series. Apparently, the new `eight` will have two doors, and four, and the basis of the machine will form the platform from a large sedan 7 series. Under the hood of the 8-series will start to put a V8 engine capacity of 4.8 liters and V12 displacement of 6.0 liters it should be noted that BMW is going to do in addition to the 8-series and even the hatchback on the basis of the 5-series (true, this model will get increased ground clearance and all-wheel drive).The main competitors BMW 8-series models such as the Porsche Panamera, Mercedes-Benz CLS and Audi . . . Читать полностью -->

Sales of AVTOVAZ will save a billion dollars

Sales of AVTOVAZ will save a billion dollars The Russian automaker AVTOVAZ completing negotiations with the Bank on the loan is $ 1 billion. According to "Kommersant", the money the company needs to defer payments to dealers for cars. In the warehouses of the factory has accumulated about 100 thousand cars.According to sources, among which several are working with plant bankers, and representatives of the company, negotiations are almost complete and a decision on the allocation of credit can be taken next week.A loan of $ 1 billion was required Togliatti company "to cover expected cash shortages". In the current economic situation, when banks reduce the issuance of loans, dealers are unable to buy the plant declared volumes of cars. The sale of AVTOVAZ was almost paralyzed. According to the publication, in the warehouses of the enterprise has accumulated about 100 thousand cars, which is comparable to a two-month production capacity of the plant.According to a source at the plant, AVTOVAZ intends to revise its relations with dealers: he will be ready to give them the deferred payment for a period up to 40 days (now the machines are shipped mainly by 100% advance payment). Читать полностью -->

Hamann has updated the sports package for the BMW 3-Series Convertible

Hamann has updated the sports package for the BMW 3-Series Convertible German tuning house Hamann has updated the previously developed sport package for BMW convertible 3-Series. Now this program modifications can be enjoyed for a vehicle equipped with two - and three-liter gasoline engine (version 320i and 335i), and turbodiesel displacement of three liters. Previously this service was offered only for modifications 325i and 330i.Power engines increased by changing the control program of the engine - to 170-horsepower version of the 320i 10 horsepower and 306-strong modification 335i - 37 horsepower. The maximum speed of this most powerful version increased from 248 to 279 km / h.German engineers have improved the efficiency of the diesel engine with 231 to 272 horsepower and maximum torque increased from 500 to 600 Nm. The maximum speed of the machine with this unit is 256 miles per hour - which is 13 kilometers per hour more than the basic version.In addition, tuning BMW 3-Series Convertible has received an aerodynamic body kit, lowered sports suspension and an upgraded exhaust system. Also to the clients of the Studio will be offered wheels dimension from 18 to 20 inches.The interior is depending on customer wishes. Читать полностью -->

Toyota and Subaru together will create a horizontally-opposed the sports-car - Hire

Toyota and Subaru together will create a horizontally-opposed the sports-car - HireCompany Subaru and Toyota have announced that their next plan is the joint development of a sports car, according to Japanese newspaper " Asahi`.Sports car with a horizontally-opposed engine will be released on the Japanese market in 2010, car will be sold under the brand name Toyota. Cost-oriented young people car will be about 2 000 000, i.e., less than $20 000. It is expected that the machine will complete engine displacement of up to two liters.In July this year, Toyota ceased production of cars Toyota MR-S, which in fact means the company's refusal to release a sports car in the manner in which they were once understood to be in the Toyota. This process has a long history, and looks quite natural.However, in parallel Toyota is developing `alternative` sports-car - with a hybrid engine, on the basis of hatchbacks, recently appeared information about hybrid Toyota Supra and the revival of the Toyota Corolla Levin and now the sports car with a horizontally-opposed engine.It seems that the company had made the traditional solution `to create a market from scratch`, and not to adapt the existing dynamics. It remains an open question, what will it be `joint` car.steer.ru15.08.2007. . Читать полностью -->

Audi is the winner of the prestigious contest `Auto Trophy`

Audi is the winner of the prestigious contest `Auto Trophy` Three models of Audi took first place in their classes in the contest `Auto Trophy 2008` (Autotrophy-2008) in the opinion of the readers of the magazine `Auto Zeitung`, one of the most popular automobile magazines in Germany. Honorary awards were given to Audi A4, A6 and R8. In addition, the Audi brand for the fifth time in a row was the winner in the category `brand Image`.When selecting the winner in the middle class 29,7 % of readers voted in favor of the Audi A4. This model is much ahead of its direct competitors in the premium segment, located on the second and third places, with a margin of 10 percent and 13 percent, respectively.An even greater number of votes 30.9 percent went to the Audi A6, which is the fifth time in a row has become a leader in business class, and the `silver medal` behind the winner by as much as 13%.For a supercar Audi R8, the dominant class sports cars, is the third victory in a row. Voted for 27.4 per cent of readers, and clear of the nearest rival was 10%.carpark.ru06.12.2008. . Читать полностью -->

Volvo can minimize the release of S60

Volvo can minimize the release of S60Volvo may eventually abandon further development of the model Volvo S60 and then to scale back its production.This ability, according to the publication AutoWeek, do not exclude the Board of Ford, which owns the Swedish brand. Finally, this perspective is consistent with the recent statement of the head of the planning Department, Volvo Lex Kerssemakers (Lex Kerssemakers), which stated the need to actively implemented in for the brand new Volvo market segments.In case of refusal from further release of model Volvo S60 traditional buyers of this model will be shared among the new sedan Volvo S80, which premiered in the beginning of the year, as well as the future generation of the Volvo S40, which is scheduled for 2009-2010. The latter is expected to be considerably larger now produced car and its size is almost equal to the Volvo S60. Moving S40 in a higher segment of the market will also simplify the situation with the promotion of the new hatchback Golf-class Volvo C30, which is currently preparing to enter the market.Finally for those owners S60, who can't take any new S80 or the future generation S40, Volvo will offer a compact crossover Volvo XC50, whose appearance is scheduled for 2006. Moreover, the cars in this class are in America, which for Volvo key market, the increased demand.In any case, the final decision will be taken by the leadership of Ford and its subsidiary Premier Automotive Group. According to Kerssemakers, while the Volvo S60 is in steady demand in the United States to abandon the development of this model is not worth it.The ribbon.ru17.03.2006. Читать полностью -->

Named the ten best used cars American

Named the ten best used cars AmericanSpecialists of the American edition Edmunds chose the ten best used cars in age from two to seven years, are available on the U.S. market. This rating was made on the basis of statistical data about the reliability of different models, their safety and practicality. American researchers identified ten classes of cars.In the segment of cheap machines first place went to the Honda Civic. Japanese car managed to beat their competitors at the expense of best-in-class manageability, reliability and stylish design. In addition, the Civic was equipped with still and colors are pretty good motors.In the mid-size sedans, the winner was the Toyota Camry - which has become almost legendary car, which is very popular for its size, high level of comfort, reliability and build quality.Among full-size sedans first place went to the Ford Crown Victoria. Читать полностью -->

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