Mercedes begins in Russia, sales of cars with diesel engines

Mercedes begins in Russia, sales of cars with diesel engines Russian representation of the Mercedes-Benz announced the beginning of sales in our market diesel modifications SUV M - and GL-class, as well as all-wheel drive crossover R-Class with a long base. Recall that earlier in Russia models of Mercedes-Benz was offered only with petrol engines.The cars will be equipped with a 224-horsepower six-cylinder turbodiesel displacement of three liters. The maximum torque of this engine is 510 Nm, which is available from 1600 rpm.In Russia the cost of diesel version of the SUV Mercedes ML and GL in the basic configuration will be 2 million 268 thousand and 2 million 696 400 thousand rubles, respectively. Rates on the R-Class will begin with 2 368 million 800 thousand rubles.In addition, these models will also be offered in a complete Special Series", which in addition to the basic equipment includes bi-xenon headlights, alloy wheels, alarm, heated seats and a number of other options. The cost of diesel Mercedes ML, GL and R-Class with the "Special Series" will be 2 million 372 thousand 400 rubles, 2 876 million 400 thousand rubles and 2 516 million 400 thousand rubles, . Читать полностью -->

The new Mazda6 will appear in Russia in December

The new Mazda6 will appear in Russia in December On Wednesday, Mazda has announced that beginning December 1, 2007, sales in Russia of the new Mazda6, and our country will become the first European market, which will appear this car. The Russian representative office of "Mazda" we hope to implement in the Russian Federation in December about a thousand of these machines. Recall that the world premiere of the new Mazda6 was held last September motor show in Frankfurt.The novelty is built on the upgraded platform of the previous generation Mazda6, but the wheelbase of the car compared to its predecessor, increased by 50 mm, length 65 mm, and a width of 15 mm. The new Mazda6 will be equipped with three petrol engine 1.8, 2 and 2.5 liters capacity of 120, 147 and 170 horsepower, respectively. These engines will be paired with six-speed manual transmission, but the version with a 1.8-liter unit will receive only a five-step "mechanics", and for two-liter will also be offered pyatikonechnoi "machine".The new Mazda6 will be available in four trim levels: Direct, Touring, Sport and Luxury. Equipment at the most affordable car includes power accessories, ABS, ESP, six airbags, audio system with mp3 and 16-inch wheels. Читать полностью -->

Received spy photos Ford Fiesta 2009 model year

Received spy photos Ford Fiesta 2009 model yearDuring tests in Germany were made unofficial photos of the new Ford Fiesta 2009 model year. The new Fiesta has borrowed many of the technical characteristics of the Mazda2. In particular, it is also built on a new platform B2E. In the future, Ford plans to use this platform for the production of model Fusion. There is an opinion that this lighter platform, the new Fiesta will be lighter than its predecessor.The creators of the expanded wheel arch of the new version, and also made the side Windows more flat. The grille under the license plate in its form resembles a trapezoid. Читать полностью -->

Biofuels are bad for the environment is not worse than petrol and diesel

Biofuels are bad for the environment is not worse than petrol and dieselA group of scientists from Stanford University, USA, conducted a study of the impact of biofuels on the environment. The results of the study conclusively prove that the application instead of the traditional automotive alternative fuel types is likely to have a detrimental impact on the ecological environment and human health.In the study, researchers designed two three-dimensional computer model of the atmosphere of Los Angeles in the year 2020. One of them illustrated the state of the environment, provided that cars continue to drive gas, the second - predpolagaet that cars passed into a mixture of E85, which contains 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. The model took into account many factors affecting the concentration, distribution and movement of exhaust gases, such as temperature, cloudiness, wind, precipitation, the content of other impurities in the atmosphere.In the computer model using E85 predicts increased mortality at 200 deaths per year. Now according to experts, the exhaust gases in Los Angeles lead to 10 thousands of premature deaths per year.The authors as an alternative to petrol fuel use transport based on solar or wind energy.autonet.ru23.04.2007. . Читать полностью -->

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